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Mar, 6-7

Prof. Shin visited the Energy Department at Kyoto University for collaborative research. Assistant Prof, Huang (who graduated from NU-G30-Chem-Sci undergraduate program in 2011 and Master's and Ph.D. programs at KyotobUniversity) has been conducting joint research on Organic Batteries with Prof, Shin.

Mar. 13-14

Prof. Shin attended the 4th edition of International Conference on Materials Science and Engineering (Materials 2023) and gave an oral presentation. (Title: Exploration of Secondary Batteries with Porphyrinoid Electrode Materials)

Mar. 23-25

Prof. Shin attended the 103rd CSJ Annual Meeting at the Tokyo University of Science (Li- and Na- organic cells with porphyrinoid electrode: OJi-Young Shin, Jinkwang Hwang)

May 12

A manuscript on Fc2NiNc dual-ion battery research has been submitted to AEM for publication.

Jun. 13

A manuscript on Moor secondary battery research has been submitted to ACS AMI for publication.

Revised Manuscript submitted to Advanced Energy Materials got accepted for publication.

Sep. 20

The AENM202301443 article was invited to submit a cover design, and our cover suggestion was chosen for the inside back cover of an issue of the Journal.

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