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  2024   Earlier years: 2023

  • There was an extremely happy news that Dr. Nathan Faialaga (G30-Chem-Eng alumnus) and Dr. Masami Hazu (G30-Bio-Sci alumnus) got engaged (informed by Nov. 28. 2023). Congratulations! ​

  • There is another piece of happy news that Dr. Sapna Sinha (G30-Chem-Eng alumnus) will have her wedding in March 2024, in India.  Congratulations! 

  • Jan. 19  Raashidah Tan (Former student of NU-G30-Sci, Bachelor's degree) visited Nagoya University. He is currently working for Woven by Toyota, Inc.  It was very nice to see her gain!

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Shin's Group Research News   

Shin's Research Group is warmly welcoming students to NU-G30-CHEM graduate Program!

  2024    Earlier years: 2023

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