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  2024   Earlier years: 2023

  • There was an extremely happy news that Dr. Nathan Faialaga (G30-Chem-Eng alumnus) and Dr. Masami Hazu (G30-Bio-Sci alumnus) got engaged (informed by Nov. 28. 2023). Congratulations! ​

  • There is another piece of happy news that Dr. Sapna Sinha (G30-Chem-Eng alumnus) will have her wedding in March 2024, in India.  Congratulations! 

  • Jan. 19  Raashidah Tan (Former student of NU-G30-Sci, Bachelor's degree) visited Nagoya University. He is currently working for Woven by Toyota, Inc.  It was very nice to see her again!

  • Mar. 7  Prof. Shin met Suk Han Jeong, a former G30-Chem-Sci undergraduate student who received his master's degree from Edinburgh University. They attended an InterBattery event together. It was a very productive and valuable time!

  • Mar. 22 Vivid and Abninav got accepted to the G30-Chem-Eng Graduate Program at Nagoya University.  Congratulations!  

  • Apr. 1  Aron and Mike joined the respective research groups of Professor Murakami and Professor Kamigaito. We wish them great successes.

  • 2024 Spring semester starts on Apr. 10 (Wed).  Professor Shin serves FC2 (Tue, 2nd, LAS room C34, for freshmen), COC (Tue, 5th, room 141, for graduate students), OC2 (Wed, 2nd, room 141, for 2nd-year students), and OC4 (Thu, 1st, room 141, for 3rd-year students). 

  • NU-G30-Chem-Eng Students and Prof. Shin got the spring picnic (Ha-na-mi) at Tsurumai park (3:30pm on Apr. 14).

  • There is excellent news that Amogh Sood (NU-G30-Chem-Eng Bachelor) defended his thesis and completed his Ph.D. from MIT. Congratulations!

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Shin's Group Research News   

Shin's Research Group is warmly welcoming students to NU-G30-CHEM graduate Program!

  2024    Earlier years: 2023

  • The manuscript of ferrocenyl Ni(II) and Zn(II) porphyrin electrodes was accepted by Batteries & Supercaps (Mar. 1).

  • Prof. Shin attended the InterBattery 2024 event (Mar. 6-8, Coex, Seoul, Republic of Korea).   ​

  • Apr. 3 The article, Use of Ferrocenyl Ni(II) and Zn(II) Porphyrins as Active Organic Electrode Materials for Sodium Secondary Batteries, was invited to the cover feature of the incoming journal issue.

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