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Research Projects

Molecular Structures & Structural Dynamics

π-Conjugates are an extremely unique class, offering different perspectives on quasi-electron delocalization in terms of electromagnetic and optoelectronic behavior. 'Having first learned about classical porphyrin synthesis in my undergraduate lab course and having been exposed to detailed chemistry through my graduate studies, π-conjugates have become my sometimes challenging and sometimes satisfying good friends' (by prof. Ji-Young Shin). One of the great things about them is that they have so many probabilities on different applications - the molecular structure itself can be modified to imply different functions in different ways, and they can be hybridized with other functional moieties, resulting in much attractive chemistry - one of which is derived from extended π-conjugates, which can give rise to electromagnetic dynamics due to their structural-modifications/flexible-mobility/packing-dynamics. The molecules we aim for are unique systems that can express such a wide range of mobilities that are beautiful in their own right. The application possibilities are countless. Currently, we are aiming for a beautiful π-system that could be an excellent candidate for electrode materials in secondary batteries.  ​

Electronic and Magnetic Properties

of Organic Compounds

and Metal-Organic Complexes


Exploration of Novel Functional Molecules Created with Polypyrrolyl Oligomers

Research Projects: Publications

Exploration of novel porphyrinoids

and their applications

Research Projects: Publications
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